Connect to multiple database targets

31 August 2022

zli v. 6.8.1


  • Connect to multiple database targets. The bzero agent supports multiple database connections and can be used to support DBA and other workflows where numerous database connections are needed. Some quick how-to's\ > To view multiple database connections, use zli list-connections or zli lc to see what database connections exist > To see if a database daemon is already running, use zli list-daemons db or zli ld db > To close a database connection, use zli close <connection-id> for a specific connection or zli close -t db to close all database connections. > To disconnect from the database daemon, use zli disconnect db


  • zli status zli list-daemons. zli status has been deprecated for zli list-daemons. It will remain available in the zli in the interim and will be removed at a later date. zli list-daemons offers the same functionality as zli status. > To view all running daemons, use zli list-daemons > To see a particular daemon type, append the target type (kube, db, or web) after list-daemons


  • Connect to target names that contain periods with SSH. Resolved issue where users were unable to open an SSH session to targets with names that contained periods following zli v.6.7.3. Note that SSH will work as long as the string following the first period in the target name does not conflict with an environment name

bzero v. 6.5.5


  • Open many SSH sessions to the same target. Resolved issue where users may receive "permission denied" when trying to SSH to the same target with many concurrent requests
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