Improved ZLI error messaging

15 February 2023

zli v. 6.15.14


  • Error messaging. Improved user-facing error messages provided by the zli

bzero v. 7.5.4


  • zli connect. Resolved issue with zli connect not setting shell users' supplementary groups, which caused users to run sudo to execute programs that their supplementary groups allow them to run

Web app & backend


  • Error messaging. The latest backend release contains support for improved zli error messaging
  • Offline target removal policy. Expanded the offline target removal policy to support up to 180 days before an offline target is deleted
  • Autodiscovery scripts. With the bzero-ssm-agent deprecation, autodiscovery scripts have been updated to install the bzero agent and are now available from the web app as well as their API endpoints​
  • Onboarding tool Helm installation. Improved installation instructions for Helm in the onboarding tool


  • View session recordings. Resolved issue with row expansion in session recordings table
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