Tab completion in the ZLI

5 October 2022

zli v. 6.11.1


  • Tab completion. Beginning in zli v. 6.11 , those who run Bash and zsh terminals can take advantage of tabbed command completion. Run zli completion and the auto-generated script will walk you through how to apply it to your local settings How does tab completion work?
    • Pressing tab will attempt to complete the command or subcommand
    • If no command exists with the specified prefix, nothing will happen
    • If there is more than one command with the specified prefix, i.e., you enter zli log and hits tab, all options that start with lo will be presented (zli login and zli logout). By continuing to press tab, you will infinitely rotate through the presented options. Press space to select one
    • If you enter zli li, then it will autocomplete zli list- because both commands have this in common. Then, hitting tab again will list zli list-connections and zli list-targets
    • When just zli[space] is entered, hitting tab will then show the commands alphabetically and rotate through them as you keep hitting tab


  • BZCert refresh. Resolved issue where the BZCert was not refreshing on SYN from a MrZAP connection when the id token had expired

bzero v. 7.0.0


  • Control channel robustness. To improve the robustness of agent connections, the control channel was moved into our connection service for future scaling and growth

Web app & backend


  • Session recordings. Resolved issue with slowly loading session recording tables in the web app
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