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3 October 2023

zli v. 6.34.1


  • Connect to all database targets in a single command. Beginning with zli v. 6.34.1, zli connect -t db will prompt the zli to open a connection to every database target you can access according to your organization's policies. When using connect all, note that you cannot specify customPorts for your database connections.

  • Update bzero log level from the zli. We have simplified logging from our agent, bzero, into 3 levels:

    1. info, the new default, which is intended to provide enough data to debug basic issues but is otherwise quiet during normal agent function

    2. trace, more verbose than info and enables the BastionZero team to diagnose complex issues

    3. error, the quietest log level of the three, which reports only events that result in a breakage or significant malfunction.

    While all bzero agents >= v. 8.2.0 will default to info, administrators may alter the logging level of an agent from the zli using zli agent configure <agent-name> logLevel <log level value>, where the log levels are info, trace, or error. The change will take effect as soon as you restart the agent using zli agent restart <agent name>. For those who may have set custom log levels through our Helm chart, upgrading your agent to 8.2.0 will set its log level to info. Reset it using the above command if it needs to be at a level other than info.


  • Login URL returned with zli login. While rare, depending on user settings, the browser may fail to launch during zli login. To ensure users can access the sign-in page, the login URL is now provided when zli login is run.


  • Revised, concise output for zli ld. Improved the output of zli ld to list only running daemons.

bzero v. 8.2.0


  • Update bzero log level from the zli. This release of bzero is required to consume the new log levels (info, trace, error) and to be able to modify log levels from the zli.


  • Multiple web socket connections opened for same connection. Resolved a race condition in the agent control channel that may have caused daemons to not shut down immediately following a zli close or to consume excess memory due to duplicate connections.

  • Premature daemon exit. Resolved issue where the daemon exited prematurely when refreshing the daemon authentication token.

Web app & backend


  • Update bzero log level from the zli. This release of the backend contains all changes necessary to support the new agent log levels and the ability to modify them from the zli.


  • Close connections in batches. This release of the backend contains a new REST API, which will enable users to close batches of connections in a single command.

For questions or to provide feedback on how we can improve our updates, reach out to product@bastionzero.com.

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