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2 November 2022

zli v. 6.11.16


  • Send zli, daemon, and target logs from the zli. If you have encountered an issue and need BastionZero's help debugging, use zli send-logs to send zli, daemon, and/or target logs to BastionZero directly

In order to take full advantage of the send-logs feature, you must be running zli v. 6.11.16 and a bzero agent version >= 7.1.0. Without upgrading the agent, you will only be able to send zli and daemon logs.


  • Connecting with an allowed target user that does not exist. Resolved confusing error messaging when a policy-allowed target user is used to connect but does not exist on the target

  • [Released 18 October] MFA. Resolved issue with zli v. 6.11.8 and 6.11.11 that prevented users from logging in to BastionZero when using MFA

bzero v. 7.1.6


For those who use Helm to install the Kubernetes bzero agent, you must update the Helm repository to chart version >= 1.1.3 before doing a fresh install of the bzero agent. You can do this with helm repo update.

This action updates the bctl-agent role to include permissions for retrieving logs from pods within the deployed namespace for the zli send-logs feature. Even if you do not intend to use send-logs, you must be using chart version >= 1.1.3 for any new Helm installations to be compatible with the new backend changes. We strongly recommend everyone who uses Helm takes this action.


  • Send target logs to BastionZero. To support the zli send-logs feature, bzero v. 7.1.0+ contains the corresponding changes to enable that new functionality


  • SSH as a nonexistent user. Resolved issue with SSHing as a nonexistent (but policy-allowed) user

  • Agent restart. Resolved issue interfering with agent shut down and restart

Web app & backend


  • Send zli, daemon, and target logs to BastionZero. To support the zli send-logs feature, this release contains the corresponding backend changes needed to enable that new functionality


  • Minor UI corrections. Resolved issues with padding in dialogs and alignment with labels in the web app

  • Vim command extraction. Resolved issue with command extraction when using vim in a shell session

  • Tmux terminals. Resolved issue in VtNetCore library that caused issues with command extraction when using Tmux\

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