The divorce of targets and agents

17 August 2023

zli v. 6.30.2


  • zli agent. In an effort to create more clarity between the bzero agent and targets, the zli now has a command that allows administrators to manage their organization's agents. As a refresher, the BastionZero agent, bzero, enables multi-root zero trust access to your infrastructure. It is supported on Linux, Windows, and Kubernetes systems. A target is the resource that your users (and you) need access to; this could be an SSH, RDP, Kubernetes, AWS RDS, or other kind of target. This new command comes with a few subcommands and aliases:
    • zli agent list: list all agents in an organization (admin only)
    • zli agent restart {agent}: restart an agent (admin only)
    • zli list-agents: similar to our list-targets command, this command is the equivalent of zli agent list and will list all agents (admin only)
    • zli la: alias to list all agents (admin only)


  • zli list-targets. This command now exclusively returns targets (SSH, RDP, Kubernetes, AWS RDS, etc.) rather than the former mix of targets and agents. Use zli agents to view BastionZero agents
  • zli logout and zli disconnect. Logout and disconnect have been polished to report only errors if they are encountered during logout or disconnect; otherwise, a success message is shown


  • Windows paths for SSH. Resolved an issue with Windows support where paths used for SSH capabilities were not Windows-native

Web app & backend


  • zli agent. This release of the backend contains the necessary changes to support the introduction of the agent command in the zli


  • Admin-view for targets API. The targets API supports an admin-specific view of an organization's targets, which is a comprehensive list of all targets within that organization
  • Edit environment name. Environment name can be modifiable after creation. Note that the name must still be unique within an organization
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