🍏Connect to all Kubernetes targets in a single command

14 September 2023

zli v. 6.33.4


  • Connect to all Kubernetes targets in a single command. Beginning with zli v. 6.33.4, zli connect -t kubernetes will prompt the zli to open a connection to every Kubernetes target you can access according to your organization's policies. For each target, a unique connection is opened for every available target user. Switch between connections by updating your current Kube context


  • Connect to a virtual target by ID. Resolved an issue preventing users from connecting to a web or database target by ID

  • zli target list results. Resolved an issue with zli target list returning duplicate results if a user has access to a single target via JIT access and standard policy

bzero v. 8.0.7


  • AWS RDS MySQL support. bzero v. 8.0.7 contains support for securing passwordless access to RDS MySQL targets. To get started, reach out to product@bastionzero.com


  • Windows agent. For consistency among the agents, the Windows agent is now bzero-agent.exe (formerly agent.exe)

Web app & backend


  • JIT targets. Resolved an issue where some JIT-accessible targets returned incorrect target users

  • Connect to a Kubernetes target. Resolved an issue with connecting to a Kubernetes target when allowed target groups have a conflict with a given target user

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