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17 April 2024

zli v. 6.36.12


  • zli quickstart. zli quickstart now supports systems running OpenSSH 8.9+, such as Ubuntu 22.


  • zli generate certificate. Resolved an issue with the --all and --target flags when using zli generate certificate.

  • [Released on 28 Feb] Homebrew download. Resolved an issue with downloading the zli from Homebrew due to Homebrew's node 14 deprecation.

bzero v. 8.4.0


  • Web targets. Resolved an infrequently observed issue with web targets when trying to connect through their assigned port.

Web app & backend


  • Improved command prompt detection. Improved support for command prompts that use ANSI escape sequences and % as a prompt delimiter.

  • Target table updates. The target table is now consistent with other updated tables in the web app.


  • Idle connection management. Resolved an issue with idle offline connections that were not being closed properly at the 7 day timeout.

  • Kubernetes target modal. Resolved incorrect text within the Kubernetes target modal in the web app.

For questions or to provide feedback on how we can improve our updates, reach out to product@bastionzero.com.

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