Improved SSH config file management

7 September 2022

zli v. 6.8.5


  • SSH config file management. BastionZero can generate an SSH configuration file (via zli generate sshConfig) to provide easy access to any target you have tunnel or file copy permissions to. This feature uses the Include option to append the BastionZero-generated SSH config file without making any modifications to the body of your original /.ssh/config. Your /.ssh/config and bzero-bz-config files now provide context for users to quickly understand the contents of the file. To update your configs to include these new descriptions, re-run zli generate sshConfig

Web app & backend


  • Sign in with Okta. To improve the visibility of the Okta sign-in option, we added a designated "sign in with Okta" button to the log in screen. The flow to sign in with your work domain email remains unchanged
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