🐦MFA setup enhancements

12 April 2023

zli v. 6.18.1


  • Grace period for MFA setup. zli v. 6.18.1 contains the changes needed to support the grace period for MFA setup in the web app. Experience updates for setting up MFA from the zli to follow in a future release

Web app & backend


  • Grace period for MFA setup. Users may now choose between setting up their BastionZero MFA right away or delaying setup for up to 14 days


  • Connect to a nonexistent target ID. Improved error message returned when trying to connect to a nonexistent target ID

The BastionZero app for Slack is now live on the Slack App Directory!

Use the BastionZero app to request, approve, and monitor access to your just-in-time (JIT) targets.

For those who are already using the app, you may notice you no longer have the ability to send messages to the app directly. We've removed this feature based on Slack's guidance. To use any of the BastionZero app's slash commands, please use an available chat window in Slack.

For questions or to provide feedback on how we can improve our updates, reach out to product@bastionzero.com.

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