SplitCert with databases is ready to demo

1 February 2023

bzero v. 7.5.3


  • Connect as a privileged user. Resolved issue when executing sudo commands for the first time as a privileged user

Web app & backend

This release contains the deprecation of the bzero-ssm-agent.

bzero-ssm-agents are no longer able to register with BastionZero. SSM endpoints are marked deprecated in our API reference docs. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


  • SplitCert connections with databases. This initial release of SplitCert connections with databases enables us to demo the feature 🥳. If you are interested in seeing it live, reach out to [email protected] to book some time!


  • Reconnect to Kubernetes targets. Resolved issue with Kube daemon reconnecting to network after a long disconnect
  • [Applied 19 January] Connect to targets with altered control channel. Resolved issue with connecting to a target after the control channel has changed AWS availability regions for bzero agents with version < 7.0.0
For questions or to provide feedback on how we can improve our updates, reach out to [email protected].