BastionZero's Terraform Provider is live

27 April 2023

Use Terraform to declaratively administer BastionZero

Our Terraform provider is now available!
The BastionZero provider is used to interact with select APIs. It provides resources to manage your BastionZero policies and environments and data sources to fetch your users, groups, service accounts, and targets in your BastionZero organization.

Leverage BastionZero's Go SDK

Powering BastionZero's Terraform provider is the BastionZero Go SDK. This Go client library supports select APIs, which are all detailed here. More information on how to utilize this SDK can be found on GitHub.

zli v. 6.18.2


  • Okta login. Resolved rare issue when trying to log in through Okta after logging in through Google or Microsoft
  • Shell connections. Resolved issue with closing shell connections

Web app & backend


  • Agent connections. Resolved issue where agents reported being offline but were still connected and communicating with BastionZero service
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